Touch Free Digital Infrared Thermometer
Touch Free Digital Infrared Thermometer

Touch Free Digital Infrared Thermometer

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Infrared Thermometer measures the human or surface temperature based on the infrared energy emitted by the forehead or an object (such as milk and water). You can quickly get measurement results after pointing the temperature probe to the target. Safety and accuracy is the priority, one button measurement and dual mode functions are dedicated to bringing a new and wonderful experience for everyone.

ACCURACY AND RELIABILITY : The contactless Infrared Thermometer contains the latest sensor technology and it has been clinically tested and approved for its accuracy and reliability. It’s easy to operate, all you need to do is press the trigger button when you're using this digital thermometer and instantly it will give you the accurate temperature reading.

CONTACTLESS FOREHEAD TEMPERATURE 1-5CM : The measuring distance should be between 1-5 cm while using it for body temperature. It’s very safe, easy to use, more hygienic and contactless preventing cross-infection.

DUAL-MODES THERMOMETER : This thermometer has two different modes "human" and "Surface" mode. It's not only compatible for measuring the body temperature for babies or adults with the forehead mode, but also it can measure the temperature of objects as well, such as, water, food and etc.

TEMPERATURE READING MEMORY STORAGE : Keep up to 50 readings to monitor your family member and can track down it's different readings for medical records as well.

LCD SCREEN WITH 3 BACKLIGHT INDICATORS : This thermometer has an LCD screen with 3 different backlight indicators:

Green for normal body temperature (95.9℉-99.1℉/35.5-37.3℃);
Yellow for warning of slight fever temperature (99.3℉-100.4℉/37.4℃- 38.0℃);
Red for warning of high fever temperature (100.6℉-109.2℉/38.1℃- 42.9℃).

The Features of Infrared Thermometer:

• Non-Contact Thermometer

• LCD Screen - Easy to Read in Dark 

• High Accurate Reading

• 1 Second Measurement

• Body and Surface Mode

• Fever Alert and Mute Mode

• 32 Set of Memory Recall

• Two Measuring Units (℃ and ℉)

• Designed for All Ages

Item Type: Thermometers
Age Range: All Ages
Material: ABS
Thermometer Type: Digital
Application: Forehead
Type: Electronic

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